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Export Import Training



EXIM GURUKUL course is outlined for those in pursuit of better employment opportunities or independent Export-Import business. The objective of this course is to acquaint the participants with Practical knowledge, which would help them to become export-import executives or to start their own Export-Import business.

Many Micro, Small and Medium entrepreneurs want to venture into Exports-Imports. The main challenge is “How to Start Exports “, “How to Search Buyers”, “How to Approach Buyers”, Pricing, “Commercial Terms, "How to Get Order”, Once I get order, “How to Execute Export Order”, and “How to Get Back My Money Safely”. There are many such questions in the minds of the start-ups. HSBM INTERNATIONAL has designed a special EXIM GURUKUL course to teach the entrepreneurs on " how to start Export Import Business" in a feasible way.

Fresh people don’t know where to put attention. It is not easy, to decide which option is worth of your time and hard-earned money. Especially, if you are a newbie, then you don’t know yet “what you don’t know”. EXIM GURUKUL course will helpful you in this situation.